Mobile Chair

Mobile Chair (MC) to the user is like a horse to a cowboy. By 2027, artificial intelligence is mature enough to fully control the robot chair with legs; it understands master's commands like a pet, following GPS and map, carrying riders all over the town under year-round weather condition just like horses carried cowboys in old western movies (except carrying gun folks).

Proposed MC could roll on two wheels (like Segway) on conditioned road, walking or climbing in the field. Proposed operational range is about 15 miles per charge of one pound propane and one pound air tank, 3 x 3 ft. area to park and weight around 40 lbs.

Key technology to enable this vision is an ultra-light power-train. Conventional engines are noisy, polluting and heavy; batteries don't have the energy density and too heavy. To control MC under 40 lbs. and easily to be handled by an adult, advanced clean, low noise plastics FAI engine is proposed (ref. for FAI and its applications).

With existing industry resources, Detroit would initiate the R&D development and manufacturing of MCs. In order to meet global demand, manufactures in Detroit area would hire massive workforces; new economic order and prosperity would be established by 2027.

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