New Detroit

Despite missing out on USDOTs (now)$417M smart city pilot project, Detroit will get autonomy right before Columbus, resulting in a roughly 70% reduction of personal vehicles on the streets, improved congestion, easier parking, reduced personal transit expenses, reduced transit time, and increased tourism. 

Detroit will have a MLS team, and an adjoining electric/autonomous shuttle service for season ticket holders. ;)

Parking lots and structures will be developed for alternative purposes, following a sharp shift away from personal vehicle ownership, and to MOD/MASS services. 

All MOD/MAAS services, as well as a variety of city/local functionalities, will be condensed into a singular interface that streamlines UX for the end-user. 

On the mass transit side of things, riders will have a universal fare card that will allow them to effortlessly engage different mobility solutions, and we'll have a system in place that will capture all of that movement data and allow it to be used for planning purposes. By 2027, this card could be bluetooth(or some other technology) enabled, so riders don't have to get it out to use it, and depending how OLED technology matures, the card could feature a touchscreen that riders can download route data to, refill the card, submit reports to transit authorities, etc. Detroit ID, evolved. 

Michigan Central Depot will be adapted into a ET3/HyperLoop hub, establishing a high-speed, zero emission link between Detroit and either Chicago, Ann Arbor, or Columbus. This project will serve as a catalyst for the development of the US next-gen transit network.

Greenways will permiate Detroit neighborhoods (ideally paved with Solar Roadways), and (electric)bus lines will be assigned to fixed routes along tributaries of said greenways. 

Streetlights will turn themselves on and off when you approach them, because why do we spend so much money lighting up the outside world while we're inside sleeping?

Detroit's education system will be the best in the nation, after a successful pilot program centered around the jamming of personal cellular devices, one-device-per-child, and standardized uniforms. 

All of the downtown skyscrapers will be active, and vehicle traffic will be consilidated to fixed routes through the downtown core, likely following a modified version of the original Woodward Plan, improving walkability, and reducing navigational complexities. 

Homelessness will have been solved by a combination of intelligent housing stragety (shipping containers) and attached urban farming operations. 

Welfare reciept will be reduced by roughly 70%, along with crime.

There will be a HyperLoop from DTW to the DPO, and autonomous shuttle service from there to Campus Martias. 

Drones will deliver goods directly to your door. 

And I'll be 42..... 


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