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Capture your future vision for the great city of Detroit!


So it’s 2027 and some of the exciting mobility solutions that came out the Go Detroit Challenge are now up and running. Close your eyes and imagine Detroit in 10 years’ time... Assuming there’s been appropriate investment and leadership, what do you see? What is happening? How are Detroiters better served by transportation?


Think about...


  • How people are getting around

  • What’s different about the buildings and infrastructure

  • Why people are coming to Detroit (either visiting or relocating)?

  • What makeup of the communities is


Some ideas to get you started


  • Describe a new transport mode for the City - Where does it go? Who is using it? How does it help people to get around easily, safely and reliably?

  • Depict a scene on a bus  - Who's riding? How are they paying? What does the condition of the bus look like?

  • Design your ideal bus stop - What does it look like? Who is waiting there? Where is it located?

  • Draw a picture of Detroiters in Downtown - What do they look like? What do their expressions show? How are they getting around? 


Now capture your thoughts and Make a Submission


  • Share your story in writing - preferably in no more than 500 words

  • Visualize your vision in photographs, designs or sketches, or

  • Film your future city - interview people and document their desire for a great city


Challenge Winners!



The Detroit 2027 Challenge ran from Monday February 20 to Sunday March 12 - but you can still submit your vision to go into the running for a $20 Amazon Gift Card!