Could Detroit become a 20-minute neighborhood?

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Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan recently introduced the idea of rebuilding Detroit around the concept of the 20-minute neighborhood, where folks can walk or bike to everything they need outside of work. This concept is certainly not new. Before the turn of the 20th Century and before the automobile “walkable neighborhoods” were the norm.  

Great idea, but could it work in Detroit?

What is a 20-minute neighborhood?

A 20-minute neighborhood is an active, safe, walkable, convenient, predominantly residential neighborhood.  A place where people can get most of their day-to-day goods and services — shopping with good food, access to transit, parks and schools — within a 20-minute walk.

Typically, 20-minute neighborhoods have three basic characteristics:

  1. a walkable environment
  2. destinations that support a range of basic living needs
  3. residential density


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