There's $30,000 (US) in prizes available, plus the chance to collaborate with experts from Ford along the way!


Prize money 

1st Prize - $15,000 2nd Prize - $7,000 3rd Prize - $3,000

Gift Cards

Plus you'll have the opportunity to score Amazon Gift Cards for taking part in activities and discussions!   A total of $5000 is on offer throughout the life of the challenge!

City Mile Points 

Being part of the online community, means you are also eligible for City Mile reward points. You can earn points for:

Get great rewards for your best ideas

You can also earn points by participating in the Go Detroit Challenge:

Level up

Every point you earn in the community boosts your level. Levels come with greater powers in the community, like the ability to support ideas with more points than members with lower levels. Boost your level by participating in the community in order to get more influence in the challenge!

Learn more about City Mile Point Levels and Privileges!