Grand Finalist

Grand Finalist


Stacey Matlen

What is your idea in a nutshell?

Cart, a social enterprise, offers a community-based model to address food insecurity. Supermarkets buy into Cart’s service to reduce transportation barriers for low-income customers. Participating supermarkets subsidize convenient, affordable, and reliable transportation, providing increased access to healthy food to this targeted community. Cart’s win-win approach affords an original method to market the stores - increasing the potential for expanding the customer base.

Offering $10 roundtrip rides, Cart is more affordable than a traditional taxi, which can cost up to $30 for a comparable ride and it's more convenient and reliable than public transportation.

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How would your idea work in practice?

A customer in need of transportation to and from the supermarket requests a ride through the Cart web-app, and pays for a subsidized ride at the store. Cart coordinates the ride with an existing rideshare company, and also coordinates the payment with the grocery store, who subsidizes the ride. Cart has created a tailored solution to fit the needs of low income individuals, and is committed to using this technology to improve access to mobility and health.

On January 15 we will be launching a pilot to coordinate rides to two big Detroit grocery stores. This pilot will provide data to show that Cart is 1- a viable solution for our target population and 2 - a strategic marketing tool for grocery stores with a strong economic and social ROI.

How sustainable is your idea?

The Cart team will analyze the collected data to present to stakeholders, so the investors’ returns are clearly. We will provide reports to businesses of number of customers served as well as increased frequency and spending of those shoppers. In the future, for industry players looking for social returns, we will provide the number of SNAP and/or Medicaid recipients served, frequency of usage, purchasing behavior trends and perceived health questionnaire responses. These metrics will demonstrate that Cart is an efficacious service that targets low-income populations and can change their behaviors and outlook surrounding health.


How big could your idea become?

Cart is the first of its kind - a service utilizing ridesharing as a platform to connect businesses with communities, all to increase access to health. Cart is not just limited to grocery stores and food access; Cart has the potential to connect any business in the US that could improve health in the broadest sense- churches, parks, salons, healthy restaurants, etc. Cart’s cost sharing model will enable a multitude of businesses and industry partners to help play a part in increasing access to mobility and health. Cart’s affordable infrastructure enables us to quickly scale to other cities needing improved, on-demand transportation to increase access to health.

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